About us

Alfred Hili & Co. Limited was incorporated on 11/02/1977 and started trading on the 01/05/1977. The company took over the business that was being run by its founder, Alfred Hili, as a sole trader. Mr Alfred Hili had returned to Malta from Tunis, where his family had emigrated in the beginning of the twentieth century, just before the second world war broke out. Having had experience as an accountant and financial manager in a large French construction firm, he started dealing in building materials. On the 25th June 1945 he obtained the commission agency licence from the Chamber of Commerce.

In the late 1950’s Mr Alfred Hili became Messrs Friedrich Grohe’s agent in Malta. This was later transferred to the company on its incorporation.

After the demise of Mr Alfred Hili, his daughter, Mrs Evelyn Spiteri succeeded him as Managing Director. During the period when she was running the company, it made great strides.

The company is now being run by her son and his family.